I am a BIG fan, and I mean a BIG fan of Brene Brown and the work that she has done in the area of wholeheartedness, vulnerability and shame. I have read “The Gifts of imperfection” – and it’s gifts gave me the opportunity to relinquish my position on the crucifix of perfectionism that I have held myself to account for my whole life.

For my birthday this year, I received from my special children two additional Brene books – “Daring Greatly” and “Rising Strong”. A friend is reading “Rising Strong” and in a conversation with her recently she said that I should get straight into that book. Something – or should I say my Little Voice – the one of my intuition – urged me to read “Daring Greatly” first. And I am so glad that I am. I am not that far into the book, and yet already it resonates with my Soul. It speaks to me at the deepest level of my Being. And I for one wish to extend my open-hearted thanks to Brene Brown for the courage she has demonstrated through each and every one of the pages of her work that rings true to the very core of who I am, and that can only come from someone who is an authentic expression of all that it means to be a human being and not a human doing.

humanvulIn my own journey to living and being authentic, suddenly so much that has happened makes sense. So many of my personal reflections, lessons and emotional experiences have a context. I am not going crazy, I am not regressing back to inner child like states from where I have emerged, I am undergoing the radical transformation that is needed to be authentic. I am discovering that in being authentic, I am being called to live and have my being  from an open heart that is both capable of not only giving – it is also open to receive. I learned this from “The Gifts of Imperfection”.

I am also discovering the joy that comes from surrendering into being vulnerable, that there for sure for me at any rate, is a power much bigger than me, that is guiding me to where I am able to claim my place in the sun, standing strong and in my own power, in that authenticity that is my birth right that I gave away on countless occasions to those I should not have trusted with that Sacred part of me. I know too that it is not for me to lay blame at the feet of others. Much of me giving myself away indiscriminately came from my own inadequacy, my own neediness, lack of faith in myself and my overwhelming need to be loved for who I am. I thought I would get all of these things by becoming who and what others wanted me to be – in that I made choices that at the time, did not serve me and that now are the very b-lessons that I have to take into the world as I connect and engage with others. The gift that lay hidden in these untruths that I came to believe, is that love that I sought from others, I had to learn to give to myself first.


My path is unfolding in front of me – gently one step at a time – where it is leading me I am not yet sure. I have done the work. I have the Burning Desire[1], I have the dream and the vision, I have a mission and purpose. I have let go the attachment to comparing who I lived (and not this is not a grammatical error – I really mean who) as needing to be bigger, better and cleverer than . For you see I am now understanding this was all an illusion that kept me separated from my authentic self. It has only been in being willing to surrender into being vulnerable, that I am now learning to trust that my journey is taking me to where it will. All I need to be is to be in that space of authenticity that makes my Soul soar, my heart sing , my will being of service to those who are also seeking, looking and wanting more than anything to be and to live authentically. This is what I have found in being vulnerable.

Brene Brown, thank you – humbly, beautifully thank you for all of who you are and how you have shown up as your authentic Self. From you I take the courage to claim my space in “Daring Greatly”


[1] Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich.