As a student of psychology, I find myself deeply fascinated by the different types of people around me and learning what makes each individual tick. It’s not that I am nosey or trying to psychoanalyse anyone, I just find that knowing what motivates a person to be who they are and make the choices they make to be incredibly helpful when dealing with people which is something I do on a daily basis.


Last night I sat opposite a twenty-one-year-old man whose story is enough to inspire even the most unmotivated of human beings. The things this young man has managed to accomplish are astounding and his hardships have moulded and shaped him into the charismatic, hard working and highly motivated individual that he is today. At twenty-one years of age he is fully financially independent and owner of his own successful business and he has nobody to thank for his achievements but himself.


This same man also said to me that he struggles to come to terms with the choices other people make. He does not understand how everyone- especially those with more advantages and resources than he ever had- are not as successful as he is. Not as motivated. Not as hard working. I could see that it was something that truly perplexed him as a human being. This got me thinking…


It is not our job as human beings to understand the choices of others. We are all blessed with the freedom to choose and no one person can ever truly understand why another person chooses the path they do. Our past shapes us into who we are today and though we may look at another person’s choice and cringe because we disagree with it, our only job as human beings is to accept that that individual’s past led them to that choice and they have their own reasons for choosing it.


There is a universal idea of what success looks like and it is this blanket ideal that needs to be thrown out the window. Nobody is truly a success. Nobody is truly a failure. We are all perfectly balanced and imbalanced and woven together to create the tapestry of mankind. It is our choices that separate us and our choices that bind us.


Like the very atoms that structure our physical world, we are constantly in motion. Constantly moving. Constantly vibrating through our choices and thus affecting the vibrations of those around us. It is in this conflict we find harmony. It is within our differences that we are all the same.

Imperfectly human and free to be so.