the choice to carry on - jessica urbaniIn my previous blog I discussed the gift of choice and how important it is to use this gift to affect change. What I didn’t touch on was the amount of pressure this places on young people today.


We are so abundantly blessed with a world full of choices, neatly gift wrapped and served to us on a silver platter daily. What we don’t realise, is that this makes it exceptionally more difficult to make the right ones.


Being a young person today is so much more complicated than it used to be. The world is shrinking and the population is booming and we are under more pressure to make something of ourselves as a result. Every choice we make appears monumental, life changing, and it therefor comes as no surprise that many young people choose to avoid choice altogether. If we don’t choose, we can’t fail, right? Wrong. We’ve made a choice anyway. We’ve chosen not to choose.


Yesterday our social media post was driven and inspired by the story of Natalie du Toit. This is a woman who chose to beat the odds and not let her situation get the better of her in spite of the fact that her circumstances were a result of events completely outside of her control. She didn’t overcome this by making massive, monumental, life-changing choices. She made a very simple choice. She chose to carry on.


Not all choices are grand in scale. Not all champions have gold medals. We as young people of South Africa do not have to turn to the pages of glossy magazines to find champions. We can find them amongst our friends and family. We can find them within ourselves.


A woman suffering from depression that chooses to get out of bed in the morning and make herself and her family breakfast. That is a champion. A teenager who chooses to say no to drugs and alcohol and yes to their education. That is a champion. A young man who chooses to stay faithful to his wife in the presence of temptation. That is a champion.


Concern yourself less with being a champion for others and choose instead to be your own champion. Do not allow the pressure of choice to get the better of you. Choose to carry on. The rest will surely follow.