From as little as R250
you can help transform a learner’s life
as they understand the consequences of

choices triangle

Make the right choice...
Come play the game

A. Be an Advocate of Free Choice and assist with a service learner experience


1. Engage via Social Media & Service Learner Experiences

2. Sponsor a Learner or School Team

3. Purchase the Game

B. Be an Enabler with your CSI or Social Brand


1. Involve
i.  Help train a Peer Educator (PE Crew) or
ii. Develop your future leaders

2. Involve
Enhance your social brand via Donations and Activation Campaigns

3. Align with a school and our enabling partners for life-long learning

C. Be a Steward by aligning your CSR as a Collaborative Partner


1. Partner
Form a Collaborative Partnership from mutual CSR objectives

2. Invest
Make a difference by reaching over 100 000 learners

3. Commit to Future Generations and the Needs of local, African and Global community



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We welcome any contribution, large or small.
It's your CHOICE. And we thank you for participating!
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