What is Your School doing for the Nelson Mandela Centenary?

The Align-Ed Foundation invites
Your Learners to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th Year

What is Choices?

A fun interactive game which enables teams to learn about life Challenges of success, failure and reward.

How does it work?

Teams of 46 playing a facilitated card based game that addresses the understanding of CHOICE from entitlement to empowerment in a fun and dynamic way.

Why does it work?

It gives learners context to take responsibility for their choices and upholds the legacy Mandela wanted, to maintain dialogue between all South Africans*

View and/or download this infographic for the big picture



It was a life changing & provoking experience, I developed insight about the choices I make & the consequences thereof

Delpha Nkuna

We would love you to be on board.
How? That’s your CHOICE:

A. As advocates of free CHOICE

Enrol your school as one of the 100 schools where your 46 future leaders (learners) will participate in game day as a part of the 4664 learners playing the game at Constitution Hill, the home of the Constitutional Court.

B. As Enablers

As Enablers of CHOICE consider training some learners as Peer Educators or a Teacher or Parent who can be part of the facilitation crew playing the game on the day and thereafter.

C. As a Steward of CHOICE

Twin your school with a scarce resourced school by sponsoring their participation in the event

Making the Right Choice…
to Come Play the Game