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future self will thank you for*?
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From as little as R250
you can help transform a learner’s life
as they understand the consequences of CHOICE

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By 28 February 2019, for

Nelson Mandela’s 100th Year Celebration

100,000 Learners will have played the CHOICESTM Board Game.

100 choices the outcome nelson mandela day

100 choices the outcome nelson mandela day

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choices board gameThe Value of Playing the Game

CHOICESTM is a board game that has been created to foster the development of positive, powerful enabled choices. It underpins the fundamental principle of democracy, that being free will choice, crucial for empowering our future generation.
The game addresses:

  • Choice and consequences
    • Personal Choices both positive (thumbs up) and negative (thumbs down) made by the target group at which the game is aimed – in the case of the game for Mandela Day, this content is aimed at teens and their choices.
    • Life Events and the choices that we have and make in relation to both positive and negative life choices
  • Learning Cards that promote group discussion and dialogue
    • Did You Know cards – factual information about Nelson Mandela
    • Stop and Think cards – quotes from Mandela and others about Choices
  • Applied Learning
    • My Choices Cards – aimed at application of the principles of Choice via mini case studies

The Need

Nation Building by empowering our youth, the future leaders of South Africa

26 million by 2030

The Solution

Enabling 100 000 learners to play CHOICESTM,the educational board game that changes lives

Why Gamification?


Facilitated Face to Face 4664 learners at Constitution Hill and via interactive platforms

(Download the Infographic PDF here)


Engaged and committed learners, citizens, teachers and communities, with business and teams


Fostering life changing positive choices and dialogue long after the game has been played

From as little as R250
you can help transform a learner’s life
as they understand the consequences of

choices triangle

Make the right choice...
Come play the game

A. Be an Advocate of Free Choice and assist with a service learner experience


1. Engage via Social Media & Service Learner Experiences

2. Sponsor a Learner or School Team

3. Purchase the Game

B. Be an Enabler with your CSI or Social Brand


1. Involve
i.  Help train a Peer Educator (PE Crew) or
ii. Develop your future leaders

2. Involve
Enhance your social brand via Donations and Activation Campaigns

3. Align with a school and our enabling partners for life-long learning

C. Be a Steward by aligning your CSR as a Collaborative Partner


1. Partner
Form a Collaborative Partnership from mutual CSR objectives

2. Invest
Make a difference by reaching over 100 000 learners

3. Commit to Future Generations and the Needs of local, African and Global community



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*Adapted from Sean Patrick Flanery: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”