Angela - Madiba's office

In Madiba’s office at the Nelson Mandela Foundation

So what is it that is so alluring about carrying on the legacy of Nelson Mandela?

Fresh from a tour of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and from the experience of the Human Rights Festival at Constitution Hill over the weekend of 23-25 March, it has become ever more apparent just how significant the choices Nelson Mandela made during his lifetime were to his life, that of his family and of the South African people. His vision, one from which he never wavered, was the facilitation of true and meaningful freedom for South Africa and her people. This is not to minimise those who stood beside him, counselled him or who were an active part of the fight for freedom from the tyranny of the country’s dark past.

His vision and pursuit of freedom for the people of this country, was one that he was prepared to pay the ultimate price for. Throughout his life, he consistently displayed integrity in aligning his CHOICES with the values for which he stood. His reverence for freedom and his relentless pursuit of deep meaningful conversation and dialogue were the pillars upon which he and his cohorts created the framework for the authentic expression and peaceful transition of the country from its past to the emergence of our democracy.

Throughout his term as President of the country and during his retirement, Madiba continued to honour his values, roots and culture and the people of this country through his example of empowered CHOICES. His ongoing authentic dialogue consistently championed the cause of freedom, equality and justice for all.

This context set the stage for aligning the development of the bespoke Choices™ Board Game in celebration of the Nelson Mandela centenary year. The game is targeted at youth (aged 13 – 35) is aimed at promoting learning and dialogue about the life and choices of Nelson Mandela in a fun, interactive and engaging manner at the same time as engaging participants in issues, challenges and opportunities that are of concern to parents and their children alike.

The Choices™ Board Game models life and the lessons to be shared in gaining freedom through powerful, positive empowered personal choice and in so exercising this choice, gain access to the ultimate freedom – that being the freedom of being fully, honestly, authentically who each of us was born to be and do.

It is within this context of freedom, that we are each able to serve. Our service, like that of Mandela, is to bring out into the world our gifts, talents and strengths, In so doing we each will contribute to a country where we the people are free to choose a life of contribution in the building of a nation and the fulfilment of the vision and dream held by Nelson Mandela and so many others; that of a united nation, a rainbow nation and a testament to the price that was paid by so many for each of us to make the choice to live in freedom.