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Instructions for Download

  1. Select the option that suits your needs and click on the green writing that is under the picture for that version. You will automatically also receive the added bonus – the free social media kit that accompanies your order, so that you can engage with our social media community. This will take you to the relevant Product page.

  2. The product page describes the version of the Choices Lite Game.

  3. (Business version – enter the number of employees in your organisation).

  4. Click through the donate now green button.

  5. Check your order and add a Coupon Code if you’ve got one. If your order is correct, proceed to check out.
  6. If you are an existing customer, go through to your login page. If you are a new customer, please complete all of the billing details especially all items highlight with a red *.
  7. On the same page please also make sure you complete the box that asks you who referred you to the Choices Game. This is important as the person referring you will earn a small commission for having introduced you. (This could also be you if you introduce others)
  8. At the bottom of the page please click through ‘place your order’. This will take you to the page where you complete your account details. All of these details are kept confidential and your online payment is perfectly safe.
  9. Once payment has been made successfully, you will be taken to an order confirmation page and in the extreme right hand column, headed ‘download’ click on the green writing
  10. Your game will then be downloaded to your device / laptop.
  11. The file is a zip file, due to the size of the file. Most devices have winzip as an app that will open your purchase.
  12. There are four files in the zip file:
    (a) The A4 game board (CHOICES-FamilyGame-A4-Lite-BOARD-Mar2020.pdf)
    (b) The game cards – 13 sets of cards of each card type – Thumbs up; Thumbs down; Stop and think and Did you know cards (Corona Choices at work.pdf)
    (c) Read Me first – and it means Read Me first … (README FIRST.pdf)
    (d) The Choices Lite Rule Book (Special Edition Corona Rules.pdf)
    (e) The Social Media kit. (Social Media kit.pdf)


The BUSINESS Version of the game includes an additional zip file containing the the FAMILY version of the game, for businesses to distribute to their staff members, under the same terms as for their own download. Follow from step 6 above to download the zip file.

Items a, b and d can then be opened and printed if you have access to printing facilities.

The Social Media kit can be downloaded to your device and pictures of the game being played / a picture of your Covid-19 hero inserted into the meme template and posted on to Facebook – @100choicesgame; Twitter – 100choices and Instagram – Choicessa. This can be done on your device in Powerpoint, saved as a picture and then uploaded to the social media platforms.

Alternatively, just post your pictures on to the Facebook page, if this choice is just too complicated!!!

Where there is no printing facility you can still play the game using your and a friends device.

Enjoy your game – and stay safe out there!
Angela James
Chief Storyteller and Executive Officer

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