choice and purposeAt various times in our lives, the intrinsic nature of our Soul calls our truth to us. Living life authentically centred in purpose and meaning, requires of us to not only hear that call – the still most times, small voice within – it needs us to honour the summons to offer to our world our own unique gifts, talents and the contribution that we all have to make to enriching our lives and those of others.


Living a life of purpose and meaning is a choice, one which most people miss or ignore or reject. And then, there are others who turn in to receive their own inner urgings, the nudges and signs of awakening into their true natures, in heeding, embracing and adopting their Soul’s journey.


As with everything in life, whether one does or does not accept the call, is a choice. Answering the call of one’s soul is one thing, accepting the challenge of the call, immersing oneself in all of the joys, the sorrows, the victories and challenges is quite another.


Most often this answer requires of us to move from the ‘Drama Triangle’[1] of the victim, persecutor and rescuer – we all embody aspects of this in varying degrees and difference aspects of our lives – is a call to and for courage; of uncovering and allowing our own hero / heroine within to be revealed.


The age old paradox, that insidious nature of our ego, will without any doubt, exert itself, will attempt to pull us back into our (dis)comfort zone of old fears, old patterns, old beliefs, old resistance, old versions of ourselves. Our sincerity will be questioned and challenged; we will be confronted over and over again with the same patterns of resistance – until we surrender and let go absoul-utely.


Living a life of purpose and meaning especially Higher Purpose requires us all to challenge ourselves – to push through the barriers that prevent us from being all we are meant to be. Transformation requires this of us otherwise we are not changing, evolving, growing. Here too we have a choice – to flow with ease and Grace with the changes; or to strain with resistance as if pushing a boulder up a hill, making the climb harder and harder and in many instances falling backwards into a false sense of comfort of what was and has been.


In hearing the call, answering the call, whether one embraces or resists the call to live a life of purpose and meaning is a choice. In so doing, there are a number of confrontations that immediately present themselves:


  1. Breaking through the glass ceiling – the push through what we have always known – old beliefs about ourselves, our circumstances, people, places and things – is without doubt challenging
  2. In breaking through there is always loss – letting go of, the dying off of old parts of ourselves and our ego that will not serve the new version of who we are to be-come. In loss there is the penchant to hold on tightly and not to let go. Grief and acceptance is a natural part of the process. Whether we stay stuck in the grief or whether we move through this as an accepted practice as a part of this cycle, is, you guessed it – a choice.
  3. The views and opinions of others who, if they are a part of the drama triangle dance of the death of purpose and meaning, will exert their subtle, sometimes menacing at others, manipulative influence to keep us entangled in this macabre enmeshment of people-pleasing co-dependence.
  4. Selective authenticity where we embrace this in some areas of our lives and not in others. We carry our sense of purpose and meaning into our work perhaps and at home, continue to live out inauthentic relationships with ourselves and others; we claim purpose and meaning and yet yield to any manner of addictive behaviours to ease the sense of unease and discomfort of emotions such as anger, fear, false pride, that will with absolute certainty surface as we embark upon our quest to honour our soul’s call.


Regardless of what challenges we are presented with in our move through and into living authentically, how fully we embrace and engage with the call of our authentic nature is and forever will be a choice.


Without any doubt, life has a way of bringing us back time and time again to the urgings of that still voice within, that voice of freedom; of living and being authentic, until with Grace, we fully, lovingly accept that call of purpose and meaning as an act of service – to ourselves, to others and to a power greater than ourselves, which I choose to call God.


What will you choose?

[1] Steven R. Karpman M.D