The Choices Community

PE Crew

Choices Peer Educators

Key to the success of the game experience…
…  is the Game Facilitator.

Our PE Crew (Peer Educators), are vibrant, young adults who have been trained to facilitate the ‘Choices Board Game’.

Our Crew are selected from:

  • School service learners and emerging leaders
  • Business Facilitators and volunteers
  • Disenfranchised youth and women

They are SA Learns Brand Ambassadors.

Choices Champions

Young, positive role models ...

who have stories of experience, strength and hope to offer.

Our Choices Champions are young people who have overcome challenges, adversity, who have failed forward and risen through the power of their choices to be role models and inspiration to others of the power and freedom of choice.

To nominate your Choices Champion, use the contact form on the Contact Page detailing who and why you consider them for nomination. From these entries we will select those who meet the above criteria.

Our Collaborative Partners

The world we live in relies more and more on the ability to partner and collaborate with others of like mind and like heart, who embrace the same values and culture; and whose offerings add value and complement that of our own.

choices family

Our Designer

Angela James, CEO

Founder of Align-Ed Network and the Align-Ed Foundation, Angela has been involved in building a portal of learning since April 2004. She spent the 20 years prior to 2004 in adult learning within the Banking and Hospitality sectors.

Advocate for freedom and choice, she is passionate about transformation, facilitating processes as Storytelling and Experience Economy thinking that encourage people and organisations to access their strengths, talents and potential. Angela is fascinated with new ways of doing business within the 21st Century and has developed a number of alternative business models that allow us to take care of the people and the planet in a prosperous and sustainable manner.

“What does Freedom to Choose mean to you?”

From the Ops Team:

Patience Sithole: To be my own person not to be told what to choose

Diane Barthel: Freedom to Choose is to give my voice expression

Diane Potgieter: To be authentically myself and to express myself authentically

Angela James: The freedom to be the me God intended me to be and to live my life with purpose and meaning

Colleen Wilkinson: Our experience of life depends largely on the choices we make in dealing with circumstances we create and those we find ourselves in. Freedom to Choose gives me the ability to approach any situation with a positive attitude and to make the most of it, whilst being cautious and aware of the consequences. This is something I strive for…

Mark Mc Clue: To be allowed to express thoughts and opinions and demonstrate actions without fear of oppression or being controlled by others, whilst contributing to a sustainable society

Jont Schoeman: The ability to think, say and do what I want relative to the outcome that I think I want. 

I have the power to choose my purpose

I Have the Power to Choose My Purpose

Is it possible to have too much choice? The saying has always been that you can’t get too much of a good thing, but when it comes to choice, perhaps this is where we have to disagree. In today’s day and age, we as young people are presented with a million...

More than a Call…

So you have heard the call … what next?   Living a life of purpose and meaning has seemingly become a pop psychology fad in the last few years as a plethora of self-help books are published and are marketed via online courses and content. Some of these...
choice and purpose

Are You Listening …

At various times in our lives, the intrinsic nature of our Soul calls our truth to us. Living life authentically centred in purpose and meaning, requires of us to not only hear that call – the still most times, small voice within – it needs us to honour...