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About Choices

Each and every one of us is involved in making literally hundreds of choices each and every day. Each choice has a consequence, some having an immediate impact and others have long term effects that are far-reaching. The language of choice is universal and applies to all areas of our lives regardless of race, gender, age, culture and creed.

Harnessing the positive power of choice ensures that we are positioned to live lives that are meaningful, filled with purpose, in service to ourselves and others.

Positive choice is the foundation for freedom. Freedom provides the means to choose to build a life, a home and family, a career, a community and contributes to the building of a nation.

Choices™ as a brand aims to play its part in facilitating freedom for all South Africans and Africans, through exercising the power of positive choice in the building of a thriving country and continent that lays the foundation for the next seven generations.

Our Products

Our Choices™ Products are highly customisable into bespoke versions for different contexts and different clients.

Choices One Day Learning Event

Choices For Future Leaders - Two Day Learning Event

The Choices Board Game

Make the Choice..., come engage your team

Imagine …

  • an empowered team engaged in positive life and business choices
  • positive people who build your organisation and brand
  • your marketing promise actually delivered to your customers


‘Choices’ Dialogue, experiential learning, music and storytelling in a fun, highly engaging learning environment is the backdrop for learning about

  • choice
  • consequences of choices
  • rights and responsibilities
  • the Choices game
  • your business choices
  • aligning these choices with team members’ personal choices
Make the Choice…, come lead your team

Graça Machel at the launch of the NM100 logo at the Nelson Mandela Foundation on 5 December 2017 challenged those in the audience to find the future leaders who would lead the country into the remainder of the 21st Century.

Choices for Future Leaders is a response to her challenge. We are looking for organisations who wish to join us in taking up this challenge.

Over a period of 2 days, your young leaders will be exposed to Choices as they apply to leadership; to business and to the role that Generation Y and the Millennials will play in building sustainable businesses, communities and society.

This programme is limited to 100 emerging leaders.

Make the Choice..., come play the game

A board game that is played in teams or as individuals that enables a fun, interactive way to learn about choices, challenges and successes, failure and rewards. The power of the game is a catalyst for life changing conversations long after the game has been played.

The game can be played as a stand-alone (between 1,5 to 3 hours) or as a part of the Choices Learning Experiences.

As with the Choices workshops, the game is easily modified to a bespoke version that is unique to your context and organisation’s culture.

Why Gamification?

Over and above the benefits depicted in the infographic below, the benefits of gamification extend to face to face game playing in promoting engagement, dialogue and social interaction.

 Benefits of Gamification in eLearning Infographic
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The Choices Community

PE Crew

Key to the success of the game experience...

…  is the Game Facilitator.

Our PE Crew (facilitators) are Peer Educators and are vibrant, young adults who have been trained to facilitate the ‘Choices Board Game’.

Our Crew are selected from:

  • School service learners and emerging leaders
  • Business Facilitators and volunteers
  • Disenfranchised youth and women

They are SA Learns Brand Ambassadors.

Choices Champions

All young people need positive role models ...

who have stories of experience, strength and hope to offer.


Our Choices Champions are young people who have overcome challenges, adversity, who have failed forward and risen through the power of their choices to be role models and inspiration to others of the power and freedom of choice.

Our Champions are selected from:

  • Our encounters with young people we meet
  • Nominated by members of their communities
  • Referrals from members of the Choices network

Each month a Choices Champion will be featured to share his or her story.

Our Choices Family

The world we live in relies more and more on the ability to partner and collaborate with others of like mind and like heart, who embrace the same values and culture; and whose offerings add value and complement that of our own.

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The House Group logoA game of making choices, teaching us about belonging, mastery and valuing yourself and others. Opportunities come and go but the outcome is determine by the choices we make. I will never take for granted the chances and choices that have been given to me in life.  I thoroughly enjoyed the game.




Martha Mohlala Chairperson, The House Group

childline mpumalangaAt the beginning of the programme, I thought we were attending fun with music and dancing. But as for now, it has been a great training experience that has extended my personal and professional growth as a young person. It has made me aware of all the choices I have made and they impact they have had on my life.




Fikile Masinga Childline, Mpumalanga

The House Group logoI found choice game very interesting and I will be using it in group sessions.  It is not just a game but a therapeutic tool.  The children enjoyed the game tremendously and I observed issues which I will address during therapy sessions.




Marumo Madiba Social Worker, The House Group

The Choices process poetically shaped and moulded what was a disconnected group into a team of dynamic and inspirational leaders for which you cannot attach a value. The experience was priceless!!!! Angela James has an authenticity to self that makes it safe for others to connect to their authentic selves.




John Usher Training Manager – Safarmex Mpumalanga

The House Group logoThe children in the centre are vulnerable children.  Some of them made detrimental choices to be here and for others their choice in life on previous occasions was taken away. At the centre it is important for us to give them back their self-confidence and humanity to make positive choices. The game teaches them that all choices have consequences and it is up to them to make the proper choices which will bring them joy.  The choices they make will be ultimately their responsibility. What I found interesting was the children’s reactions when the scores went up and down. Some saw it as the natural flow of life, while others became determine to score better.  They learned to honor their choices and celebrate or mourn the choice of the moment. Truly and inspiring game enjoyed with gusto by the children.





Riana Gaspar Managing Director, The House Group

Maropeng requested Align-Ed to create a team build for staff around the principles of accountability and responsibility within the workplace and to themselves. It was important for our staff to understand that they had a choice in everything they did and each choice had a consequence. We wanted our staff to be refocussed and reenergised as to what they had chosen to come to work at Maropeng rather than being passive and playing the blame game and having the poor / why me attitude. The programme was an incredible success. This progamme has had profound business and business benefits that we will continue to expand on.

Lindsay Marshall Acting General Manager – Maropeng e Afrika

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”
~ from “The Road Not Taken”, poem by Robert Frost (1874 – 1963)

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