About Choices

The Gallup’s 2013 State of the Global Workplace reports results for the South African workforce that are alarming. Only 9% of employees are actively engaged in their workplace. The remaining 91% of employees are either not engaged (46%) or actively disengaged (45%).

T Harv Eker says how you do anything is how you do everything. So if only 9% of people are actively engaged at work, that would mean that only 9% of people are positively engaged in life. To grow a thriving economy requires people who are connected with themselves and engaged in their lives and the roles that they take on.

Each and every one of us are involved in making literally thousands of choices each and every day. Each choice has a consequence that could have an immediate impact. Sometimes the effects of our choices can have long term and far reaching effects. Harnessing the positive power of our free will choice ensures that we are positioned to live lives that are meaningful, filled with purpose, in service of ourselves and of others. It is the foundation of building a life, a home and family, a career, a community and a nation. Choices™ as a brand aims to play its part in facilitating that South Africans and Africans though exercising the power of their free will choice play their parts in creating a country and continent that lays the foundation for the next seven generations.

Choices™ has a wide range of applications from workshops, to the Choices™ Board Game, and Affirmation Cards.

The Choices™ is owned and developed by Align-Ed. Align-Ed is a learning and transformation specialist that has developed a wide range of experiential, highly participative and engaging learning events.

Choices supports  the Global Citizen objectives for sustainable development.

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